Saturday, July 21, 2012

First attempt of the series..A Rural Lady making Chapati

Friends, I am starting a series of my paintings. In this series I'll make painting on the topic "WOMEN" and i'll try to show many shades of female life in my artwork.This is first time when I am painting  people with acrylic.Before it I made it with oil colors only.
                Here is my first attempt of this series " WOMEN" .I tittle my painting A Rural Lady making Chapati.
I made it on canvas with acrylic
8" by 10" in size
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Painting with sponge

 Sponge is one of my favorite tools.It is very easy and fast technique of painting.We can make very good designs  and textures with sponges.I really love to do painting with this way. I enjoy it most just like to play a game.It needs just a little trick and caution...
If you are using more than one color in your work ,it is very important that you use different sponge pieces for every color.See the picture below here I used three acrylic colors ( crimson lake, black & antique bronze) to make my painting background,I also used three pieces of sponge for every color.I made it on canvas
color mixing or blending is also very important and its not very tough .Its only depends on practice ...
It makes  our hands ,fingers and nails dirty but no problem you'll enjoy to do painting with this way. See my hand..
This is complete background for my painting
Here is one more texture i made with sponges only

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nature inspires

Every art is unique and represent the feeling of its artist. All artist take inspiration from somewhere or the other such as from the nature, people, animals, birds, monsters, fairies & even sometimes from the dreams. Inspirations are everywhere around us but it depends on the person who sees it. Different artwork inspire us & fill our heart with joy & happiness. I think above all artist God is the biggest artist who made such lovely & beautiful things around us. Every aspect of nature is beautiful ,awesome , wonderful , it refresh our mood & uplift our spirit also ......
I took these clicks through my nature walk. That day I was little bit upset but when I saw all trees, flowers, grass, sky, birds, falling leaves around me n yes I stand up quickly & click these photos .With my every click I was feeling relax...:)

look at these lovely flowers blooming all together
now it was sunset time but my son (Aachman) was still playing in playground , not  ready for back home

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birds with Feathers

Seeing so many feathers or feather works gave me inspiration that even i also make one painting of feather.This is my latest work ,i finished this yesterday. I really enjoyed working on this painting & ofcourse used some different colorful background in my painting
I made it on canvas with acrylic
16" by 20" in size
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